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Quan Bui



With a wealth of experience in the hospitality and travel industry spanning over two decades since 2000, coupled with a deep-seated passion for tourism, I founded my own company, now recognized as the largest local travel company in Central Vietnam. Our dedicated team comprises over 50 permanent staff and numerous experienced tour guides. Recognizing the importance of continuous learning in advancing the growth of tourism in Central Vietnam, I pursued and attained a master’s degree in business administration and public policy from Fulbright University Vietnam. Currently, I am furthering my academic journey by pursuing a doctorate with a specialization in night time economy and tourism at AIT Thailand.

Having been born and raised in Hoi An and later growing up in Danang, I have developed a profound connection to the local culture and culinary heritage. This deep affinity led to the establishment of in collaboration with Khoi Nguyen, a trusted friend with three decades of experience in the travel industry. Together, our partnership brings a wealth of expertise to provide exceptional customer service, expert tour guiding, comprehensive travel services, and a delightful array of local dishes to visitors exploring the vibrant coastal city.


Tour Experience90%
Customer Relation70%
Managing 85%

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