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The Story

About Us

Our Goal & Expectation

Our goal at Foodtour1danang is to provide an unparalleled experience for our customers. With our combined expertise and passion, we strive to create an evening food tour that surpasses expectations. We want our guests to cherish the memories of exploring Danang’s diverse street food scene, zipping through the city on scooters, and indulging in the delectable flavors that make Danang a culinary destination.

Through the establishment of Foodtour1danang, we have skilfully merged our extensive knowledge in the travel industry with our deep-rooted love for Vietnamese cuisine. Our expectation is to create an unforgettable culinary journey that not only showcases the rich flavours and vibrant food culture of Danang but also leaves a lasting impression on our guests. With Foodtour1danang, we aspire to inspire a sense of wanderlust and curiosity, enticing visitors to return to our beautiful country time and time again, drawn by the enchantment of our food tour experience.

About Our Team

Team & Founders

Thuy Nguyen


With a wealth of experience in the hospitality and travel industry spanning over two decades since 2000, coupled with a deep-seated passion for tourism, I founded my own company, now recognized as the largest local travel company in Central Vietnam. Our dedicated team comprises over 50 permanent staff and numerous experienced tour guides. Recognizing the importance of continuous learning in advancing the growth of tourism in Central Vietnam, I pursued and attained a master’s degree in business administration and public policy from Fulbright University Vietnam. Currently, I am furthering my academic journey by pursuing a doctorate with a specialization in night time economy and tourism at AIT Thailand.

Having been born and raised in Hoi An and later growing up in Danang, I have developed a profound connection to the local culture and culinary heritage. This deep affinity led to the establishment of in collaboration with Khoi Nguyen, a trusted friend with three decades of experience in the travel industry. Together, our partnership brings a wealth of expertise to provide exceptional customer service, expert tour guiding, comprehensive travel services, and a delightful array of local dishes to visitors exploring the vibrant coastal city.

Khoi Nguyen


With a rich background in the travel industry dating back to 1994, I have extensive experience in tour guiding, training local tour guides, and managing a large team of over 50 tour guides throughout Vietnam. In 2009, I established my own travel company, a renowned company specializing in premium private and customized tours across Vietnam. Throughout the years, we’ve delivered exceptional tour experiences to visitors worldwide, and it became evident that Vietnamese cuisine, particularly the local dishes in Danang, plays a pivotal role in the success of our tours. Recognizing the significance of Vietnamese cuisine and street food in enhancing the overall tour experience, I, along with Thuy Nguyen, a Danang native and close friend, co-founded Our goal is to enhance our visitors’ trips to Vietnam by offering a delightful exploration of Danang’s local dishes.

An All-Female Team
of Undergraduate Guides/Drivers

We have debated and carefully considered the decision to hire undergraduates instead of graduates because the nature of our evening street food tour aligns well with the casual and part-time jobs most university students are seeking. We believe that the payment we offer them might be more meaningful and helpful compared to what graduates typically expect. In addition to earning a good salary to cover their studies and expenses, this job will undoubtedly provide them with a rare opportunity to enhance their spoken language skills through instant and one-on-one interactions with our clients.

At Foodtour1danang, we take great pride in our team of young, lovely, and chatty female guides/drivers who bring a unique dynamic to our food tours. These talented individuals are carefully selected from the prestigious universities in Hanoi. With their educational background and passion for Hanoi’s local dishes, they offer a delightful and informative experience to our guests.

Before joining Foodtour1danang, our guides/drivers completed their apprenticeship with other free-of-charge walking food tours in Danang. This hands-on experience has equipped them with a deeper understanding of Danang’s street food scene. Once they pass our rigorous interview process, we provide them with our well-designed and comprehensive training courses. These courses ensure that they are well-prepared to guide our guests through the culinary wonders of Danang.

Our young guides/drivers are fluent in English, enabling them to effectively communicate with our international guests. Their proficiency in the language allows them to convey their passion and knowledge of local dishes, enhancing the overall experience. Their eagerness to share their love for Danang’s street food creates a vibrant and engaging atmosphere during the tour.

In Vietnam, most local female students have a deep-rooted connection with street food culture. They often possess an innate understanding of local recipes, secret food spots, and the city’s culinary traditions. Their enthusiasm and familiarity with Danang’s street food make them exceptional guides to introduce visitors to the authentic flavors and hidden gems that only locals know.